Information for rights holders

The resource bigshop-script.ru is public for all registered users and carries out its activity in compliance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. The administration of the resource does not exercise control and can not be responsible for the information placed by users in this system. At the same time, the Resource Administration negatively concerns copyright infringement. Therefore, if you are the owner of exclusive property rights, including:
- the exclusive right to reproduction;
- the exclusive right to distribution;
- the exclusive right to public display;
- the exclusive right to communicate to the public.

If your rights are violated in any way through the use of this resource, we ask that you immediately notify us via the ticket system. The message must be filled in according to the template given below correctly and fully. Your message will be considered by the administration without fail and you will receive a report on the results of the actions carried out regarding the alleged violation of exclusive rights. The complaint will be considered within a period not exceeding 5 (five) working days. According to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the administration is ready to consider disputes within the framework of a pre-trial (claim or otherwise) settlement procedure.
We do not monitor the actions of users who can re-post links to information that is the subject of your exclusive right. Any information on the forum is placed by the user independently, without any control from anyone else's side, which corresponds to the generally accepted world practice of posting information on the Internet.

1. Product data:
1.1. The product name is Russian and English (in the case of an English version).
1.2. The official product page on the Internet (if available).
1.3. The number assigned to the product by the state register.
1.4. For Legal Entity / Legal owner of electronic publications / computer programs / databases - Copy of the document on state registration.
For the Legal Person / Rightholder of film and video materials - Rental certificate (copy).

2. Data on the legal owner:
2.1. Full name of the legal entity.
2.2. Mailing address. (in case of mismatch of legal and postal addresses - mandatory indication of the legal address).
2.3. The website of the copyright holder in the Internet.
2.4. License for the right to operate (if such activity is licensed in accordance with the procedure established by law).
2.5. Contact person of the legal owner (full name, position, telephone, email).

3. Data of the person filing the complaint.
3.2. Position.
3.3. Phone.
3.4. email.
3.5. A copy of the power of attorney for actions on behalf of the Rightholder (it is not required in case the person filing the complaint is the head of the company of the Rightholder).
If the complaint is not submitted by the right holder, and its authorized representative is a legal entity, a copy of the power of attorney must be submitted to the actions of the individual on behalf of the company authorized by the rightholder's right of attorney (not required if the person filing the complaint is the representative of the company representative).

4. Claim data.
4.1. The address of the site page that contain links to data violating the rights.
4.2. Full description of the essence of the violation of rights (why the dissemination of this information is prohibited by the Copyright Holder).

5. Subscription on the legality of actions (to be filled in by hand and sent in a scanned version). Mandatory for each complaint.
I, "FIO" acting on behalf of the "Legal Name of the Rightholder" on the basis of the power of attorney "data of the power of attorney" testify that all data specified in this application are true, "Name of the person" (Legal owner) - is the owner of exclusive property rights, including :
- the exclusive right to reproduction;
- the exclusive right to distribution;
- the exclusive right to public display;
- the exclusive right to communicate to the public.

All of the above rights apply in the territory of the Russian Federation, all issues related to the payment of awards to authors of the work are settled by the Copyright Holder, the Rightholder is not aware of the claims of third parties with respect to these rights.

In case of claims to the resource bigshop-script.ru from the side of third parties related to the violation of their rights (including consumer rights) in relation to the remote / blocked link "LINK", the Rightholder takes all necessary measures to settle the claims, as well as possible disputes, including judicial ones.

The rightholder is obligated to settle claims, claims, or claims of third parties, as well as fully compensate the resource bigshop-script.ru costs and losses (including lost profits, payment for a lawyer, etc.) related to compensation claims, claims, claims of third parties on the fact of violation of their rights, as well as other claims related to the illegal or erroneous blocking or removal of the link at the request of the Copyright Holder.