Frequent questions and answers to them

Are common:

1. What is the commission from the BIGSHOP-SCRIPT store?
The commission of the store when selling files is 20% and can vary in different ways, it all depends on the decision of the administration, but not more than 20%.
2. Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes. Affiliate program up to 7% of the turnover of your referrals. In my personal account there are links to attract partners. Also% of earnings depends on your rating.
3. I buyer deceived the seller, what should I do?
The administration of the BIGSHOP-SCRIPT project is not liable for the sellers. Before buying it is better to register and write by internal mail to clarify all the issues.
4. What payment systems does the bigshop-script.ru project use?
There are 2 payment systems on the project: FREE-KASSA, PAYEER.

For the seller:

1. What can be sold using BIGSHOP-SCRIPT?
You can sell almost everything that is stored digitally: e-books, site scripts, templates, infobooters and much more.
2. I want to withdraw funds, how to do it?
Withdrawal of funds is performed on QIWI payment systems, PAYEER must be pre-registered in the purse settings for payments. The application is processed up to 48 hours and can be extended if payment was requested on the payment system with the least amount of the balance.
3. My product on the last pages, how to pick it up in the list?
On the project there is a function of lifting the goods, you can find it in the section "My products". The cost of lifting goods in positions is 10 rubles. Reduction of positions will be in case of adding a new product, or raising another product by you or another user.

For the buyer:

1. Found what you need to buy?
To buy any goods on the site, you can either register a user or unregistered:
- The registered user can pay through the PAYEER payment system and receive the goods on the mail (a download link is available and it is available 24 hours.)
- The registered user can pay for the goods by logging in (FREE-KASSA and PAYEER.) The product will be available in your account in the section "My purchases", downloading at any time unlimited number of times.
2. How do I leave a positive (negative) review of the product?
Product reviews can be left by registered users only in the full product information section by clicking on the appropriate button ..